Soil excavation and basement building in the foundation making

Soil excavations and other excavations must be carried out according to the inner, wide, and in accordance with the peels in the image. All traces of the old foundation and the roots of the tree on the foundation part must be disassembled and cleaned and discarded. Used unused pipes must be clogged. If the location to be used for building water pipes, gas pipes, drain pipes, power lines, telephone cables and so on shall be promptly notified to the construction management consultant or authorized institution for further instructions. In the meantime, perhaps you need to hire the recommended fix slab foundation when you must repair your foundation.

The implementation of the worker/contractor is solely responsible for any damages as a result of the excavation work. If the excavation exceeds the specified depth, the contractor shall fill/reduce the area with materials in accordance with the conditions specified in accordance with the foundation specifications.

The foundation excavation work must be so that the excavation pits are free from landslides on the left and right so that the foundation work can be done well and in accordance with the specified specification.

Replenishment with the former excavated soil to do layer by layer as she watered sufficiently and crushed until solid. This remedial work should only be done after inspection and approval by the construction management consultant, either on the depth, the layers or the type of excavated soil.

In addition, basement construction is often an economical solution to overcome the limitations of land under construction. But as underground structures, the design and construction of the basement construction need to be done by taking into account many things. Besides the technical aspects of the basement itself, no less important is the environmental aspect. The quality of work in basement construction will greatly affect the life of the basement.

Integrated quality control is necessary to achieve high quality and reliable construction products. Some things related to the Basement excavations that need to be considered are load and excavation methods. The load is usually a flat-split load, point load, and line load and the load is evenly split. While the method of the excavation was divided into open cut, cantilever, haunted, and strut.

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