The difference between Umrah and Hajj in their place and crowd

Apart from the time, Umrah and Hajj also differ from the side of the place of execution. Both are indeed carried out in Makkah AL Mukarromah, but at the pilgrimage, a person must also fulfill the rukun conducted outside Makkah. The pillars of pilgrimage outside Makkah are wukuf in Arafat, stay (mabit) in Muzdhalifah, and throw jumroh (small rock) in Mina. In the meantime, you may want to visit to get the good deals for umrah travel.

The Difference of the Peace Level

It is because umroh worship can be done anytime, then the level of the crowd of people who perform this worship is very low. We do not need to jostle each other in fulfilling every pillar of Umrah practice. This is different from the Hajj. Hajj can only be done once for 1 year. While all Muslims in the world want to accomplish it together. They headed for Makkah and finally spilled over there and caused an unbelievably high level of the crowd. Some cases of the death of some people who perform the pilgrimage even had occurred due to the density of the number of people jostling when performing the pillars like jumroh and tahalul throwing.