The transportation in Phuket

Phuket is a large island so you will need adequate transportation when you arrive in Phuket. Public transportation around Phuket is minimal, so you will use many taxis. In the meantime, you should also check out the Luxury Spa in Phuket.

There are 4 types of taxis in this area:

Tuk-tuk: Thai typical vehicle, but in Phuket tuk-tuk has 4 wheels, unlike in Bangkok which has 3 wheels.

Taxi meter: Public taxi with a sedan, use a meter to determine the price
Unofficial taxi: the Ordinary vehicle used to transport passengers

Motorcycle Taxi: Taxi that uses a motorcycle
It is advisable to use a taximeter because, in addition to comfortable and safe, the price is also not expensive. However, metered cabs are often hard to come by if you did not book ahead of time. In addition to the busy holiday season, some taxi meters will choose not to use the meter. My advice, record the phone number of the meter provider as you will need it later.