Exchange Your Money Before Going Hajj or Umrah

So, do you get ready to go to the Holy Land or still have questions about the preparation to be done? If you still need to gather more information or ask for some inquiries, then can be the right place for you. Going Hajj or Umrah is all about worship. That is why everything must be done.

Do not forget to exchange Indonesian Rupiah with Saudi Riyal Riyal. The exchange can be done in money changer or bank. Avoid exchange on time meet, such as the time of departure at the airport. In addition could be higher rates, also worried the stock may not be limited because people who worship Hajj numbering hundreds of thousands, even millions. In addition, bring the necessary money, for security and comfort when performing the pilgrimage. Do the research or ask those who ever went for Hajj to know how much money you should bring for your needs during your stay in Makkah and Madinah.