Types of wood that can be made into fences

Wood is one of the unique materials in the property. The natural look of the material from wood generally makes the reason for many people to use this material as one of the elements of the house. Wood is commonly used for window sills and home fences. In the meantime, you may visit www.thewoodlandsfencepros.com to find the excellent fence experts online.

To get a beautiful and perfect fence although wood-based, you need to do the wood selection with high-quality criteria.

Wood Can Be Used As A Fence

wood variants that can be used as a fence making materials such as Merbau, camphor, ulin, sea resin, cedar, fir, mahogany, teak, or even bamboo.

From the above materials, bamboo is the cheapest material that can be used as a home fence but please note because this bamboo has weaknesses easily fragile and easily damaged.

To produce the perfect quality of wooden fence you need to choose materials that are good quality because the fence will be out of space. Stinging sunshine and rainwater down can make wood quickly decayed and porous if the quality is not good.

If you are concerned with quality, wooden fences with ironwood material can be an option. Ulin wood has the best quality this wood has properties such as iron so it is also called ironwood.

Ulin wood will also be submerged in water because of its weight. Ulin wood is now very rare and protected. This wood is very special because it has resistance to weather and will get stronger when exposed to water and does not require extra care.

Avoid unauthorized use of wood from illegal logging. choose legal wood and have official documents

Ulin wood has a very expensive price up to a dozen million rupiah. Ulin wood that has the best quality comes from Kalimantan region and then from Sulawesi.

Wood that has the second best quality as a fence after the ironwood is Merbau wood, then teak wood, sea resin, and camphor wood.

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